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About Us

In 2019, founders Kim Clary and Liz Quach met each other working in the marketing and web department for a multi-million-dollar company in the food and beverage industry. Through their joint experience and their years of personal professional experiences, they realized there was an urgent need for brand and web development that involved modernizing one's brand to persevere in highly competitive industries. They created FENIX Brand & Web Development to help brands big and small turn their dreams into a reality through data-driven strategies, modern marketing techniques, and quality SEO-driven content. Kim and Liz’s passion drives them to work personally with all their clients to create a customized solution to suit their needs, engage with their specific demographic, and drive sales through creating a strong digital footprint. Kim and Liz believe in taking the heart and soul of a brand and enhancing it for the modern digital age. They fully immerse themselves in each client’s brand through extensive interviews, discussions, and industry research.

They believe in originality and creativity, guaranteeing all designs, content, and strategies are tailored exclusively to your brand.



Liz has been a passionate content writer and content creator for the past 6 years, working in a variety of industries from beauty and lifestyle to food and beverage. She is renowned for her creative, witty, and engaging content. Helping brands develop their brand voice and developing content that is SEO-optimized and engaging to the consumer. She conducts extensive research on the industry, the target demographic, and the topic of choice. She prides herself on her ability to connect with the consumer, building trust and loyalty for her brands. Liz has never believed in "writing for the robots" and has the ability to entertain readers while ensuring the content is SEO optimized to secure high rankings.

Liz Quach


Kim is a passionate front-end developer who believes in creating engaging and interactive website designs catered to each of her clients. She wants to bring out the best of her client's brand, style, and soul of each brand. She is meticulous about every detail and ensures all websites are optimally developed for usability while maintaining strong branding. Kim is known for her ability to bring the best out of her brands and designing websites that attract new clientele and develop trust among existing clients.

Kim Clary